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international community of marmot researchers

About this site

Welcome everybody coming here!

Idea of this site was born after VI International Marmot meeting in Cogne, Italy.  There were a lot of nice people gathered by their interest to marmots, but during period between these international meetings they have no place for online communication. This site is supposed to be in English with possible exception of separate pages in other languages.

What is this site for?
I’d like to publish here:

  • Any news of Marmot Community: meetings, conferences, publications and other activities.
  • Databank of persons, studying marmots.
  • Bank of abstracts and full articles about marmots in different languages.
  • Photobank of marmots, their habitat and other photos concerning studying process (procedures, equipment, and so on)*.

What can you do here?

Please, send me for publishing:, or publish yourself (you need to register for it):

  • news about marmots and scientists, studying their (you can publish it yourself, but for this you need to register here);
  • your scientific CV (here you can see a simple example);
  • articles and abstracts if possible;
  • photos and pictures for photobank.

If you want to have possibility to write comments or post news, please register. For all questions please write to

*This is a private non-commercial project. I will highly appreciate your paricipation and possible help. All rights for the exposed data, articles and photos belong to their authors, sending it here for publications you agree with their publication and possible use in non-commercial puposes.

You sincerely,

Konstantin Belovezhets begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

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